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Snippet · ISR cabinet support parties

We added a ParlGov snippet about the updated cabinets and cabinet support parties in Israel.

Thu 16 April 2020 — snippets · Israel
Snippet · PM small party

We added a ParlGov snippet about the frequency of PMs from smaller parties.

The analysis was inspired by a Fruits and Votes discussion about a controversial PM election in the German state of Thuringia — “How common it is for a party as small as the sixth largest in parliament to lead the government?”

Fri 7 February 2020 — snippets
Snippet · Map recent cabinets

We added a script to visualize current cabinets in a map.

Thu 23 May 2019 — snippets
Snippet · EU cabinets

We added a script to determine recent EU cabinets based on ParlGov and CHES 2014 party positions.

Mon 6 May 2019 — snippets
Snippet · cabinet types

We added a new script to determine the cabinet type (minority, minimal winning, surplus) for all cabinets in ParlGov.

We also added a nice map to the party family snippet.

Mon 22 January 2018 — snippets
Snippet · cabinets party family

A first script creates cabinet data by party family. We calculate the share of party families in each cabinet and also transform it into country-year format. This is a widely used format in studies of partisan effects on public policy.

Sat 9 September 2017 — snippets