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Electoral Studies article

An article discussing the methodological design of the ParlGov database was recently accepted by Electoral Studies and is now available online.

“Mapping established democracies: Integrated data on parties, elections and cabinets” Electoral Studies, 2016, Advance online publication. doi:10.1016/j.electstud.2016.07.002

Thu 18 August 2016 — publication
EUP article forthcoming

An article introducing ParlGov to students of the EU is now available online at European Union Politics [gated]. In the article, ParlGov is used to map the political space of the EU and the application is available in the download section.

Mon 7 January 2013 — publication
Resarch paper published

During his year as a Max Weber Fellow, Holger has written a paper about the more general idea behind ParlGov, shortcomings of contemporary data sets and the future of collaborative data collection in political science. The paper was recently published as EUI Working Paper MWP 2010/21.

Wed 11 August 2010 — publication
Short paper about ParlGov available

We have written a short paper about ParlGov and specified the full title of the project: "Parliament and government composition database (ParlGov): An infrastructure for empirical information on parties, elections and governments in modern democracies". The paper provides an introduction about the concept and technologies of ParlGov.

Thu 12 November 2009 — publication