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Austria inter-war elections and cabinets added

We added all cabinets and elections in Austria between 1919 and 1933.

Mon 10 September 2018 — new data · Austria
pre 1945 cabinets (experimental)

We have added cabinet information for the pre 1945 elections we cover. This information is experimental and will not be included in the next stable version.

Mon 27 June 2016 — new data
pre 1945 election results (experimental)

We have added elections results for all consecutive democratic elections since 1900. This information is experimental and the pre 1945 data will not be included in the next stable version.

Fri 11 September 2015 — new data
Presidents added to ParlGov

We have added all presidents to ParlGov.

Tue 2 December 2014 — new data
Israel added to ParlGov

After considerable coding effort we have added all elections and cabinets in Israel since 1948 to ParlGov. The coding is mainly based on Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, Knesset and Reuters.

Thu 30 October 2014 — new data · Israel
Turkey added to ParlGov

We have added all elections and cabinets in Turkey since 1983 to ParlGov. The coding is based mainly on Reuters and Turkish Statistical Institute.

Tue 6 May 2014 — new data · Turkey
Croatia added to ParlGov

ParlGov covers all EU and most OECD countries. Croatia will become a member of the EU on 1 July and we have included all elections and cabinets since 2000 to ParlGov.

Wed 12 June 2013 — new data · Croatia
Data in country-year format

We are preparing the next stable release. One of the features we have recently introduced is a base table to create data sets in country-year format where each observation covers information about a parliament or cabinet for every year. In the table viewcalc_country_year_share we provide weights for each parliament and cabinet for a given year. You can use this table with aggregated information at the parliament or cabinet level to create data sets in country-year format.

Tue 12 June 2012 — new data
EES party ids added

We have added the party codes of the European Parliament Election Study 2009, Voter Study, Advance Release, 30/06/2010. to our main party table. Here is an example of the Swedish parties. The original data set is available at the website of the PIREDEU project.

Integrating EES party ids allows us to combine this information with all other data sets that are linked through our party table. One of the goals was it to establish an interface between EES and EUProfiler party ids.

This information will also be part of the next stable release.

Sun 14 November 2010 — new data
Ray party expert survey IDs added

Updating ParlGov's party table to the most recent CHESS data required to include the party IDs from the Ray expert survey separately. We have now finished linking all party IDs from the Ray data set. Most of the IDs from CHESS and Ray's data are indentical but be aware that some of them are different.

Sun 8 November 2009 — new data
EU Profiler parties added

Here at the European University Institute, Alexander Trechsel has kindly provided a list of the parties from the EU Profiler project with party names and their IDs. We have now linked all these parties to the ParlGov parties and added the new ones. The full EU Profiler data set will be published in 2010.

Thu 29 October 2009 — new data
CHES data added

Chapel Hill Expert Survey Series (CHES) data added to ParlGov. Due to the new structure of the CHES data, there is now a seperate link to the Ray data set.

Sun 25 October 2009 — new data
Defector parties column for cabinets

The table cab_party now includes an additional column to code defector parties. With this observation we indicate if a party left a governing coaliton. Including this variable was inspired by Tavits' 2008 paper The Role of Parties’ Past Behavior in Coalition Formation.

Fri 7 August 2009 — new data