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The Guardian populism analysis

The Guardian has a nice series on the rise of populism. Some of the analysis is based on ParlGov data.

Tue 20 November 2018 — miscellaneous
Manifesto tutorial ParlGov merge

There is a nice tutorial about Adding parties’ government/opposition status to the manifesto project dataset using ParlGov data by Nicolas Merz and Fabio Ellger from the Manifesto group.

It reminds us to update the Manifesto codes in ParlGov and encourages us to publish some more tutorials on ParlGov snippets.

Thu 2 August 2018 — miscellaneous
News tracker issue

The ParlGov news tracker needs an update. Since 6 July, it is not posting relevant events about parties, elelctions and cabinets regularly anymore. We keep posting some of the news irregularly and hope to update the automatic tracker soon.

Fri 6 July 2018 — miscellaneous
Updates and stable version

We are a little behind with updating elections and cabinets from the second half of 2017. We will add the information over the coming weeks.

In addition, we will publish a stable version ones we have updated all 2017 information.

Thu 11 January 2018 — miscellaneous
ParlGov and data journalism

ParlGov data is increasingly used by data journalists. We have regularly been contacted and have provided some guidance. Here is a recent article from El País and an earlier article by The Economist.

Thu 30 March 2017 — miscellaneous
Dutch election analysis

Two facts were striking in yesterdays election in the Netherlands.

  • The Social Democracts (PVdA) fell from 24.8% in 2012 to 5.7% vote share.
  • The largest party (Liberals, VVD) won only 21.3% vote share.

A ParlGov analysis in R presents a broader picture. It does also demonstrate how the R tidyverse and knitr make analysing ParlGov data more easy.

Thu 16 March 2017 — miscellaneous