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Party Facts party linking

ParlGov provides links of party IDs to some of the main data sets with information about political parties. However, these party links in ParlGov have not been updated for some time and we have concentrated our efforts to link parties across data sets in the Party Facts project. An article introducing the project was recently published in Party Politics (Döring and Regel 2019) and archived versions of the data are available at the Party Facts Dataverse.

Döring, Holger, and Sven Regel. 2019. “Party Facts: A Database of Political Parties Worldwide.” Party Politics 25(2): 97–109. doi:10.1177/1354068818820671

Thu 7 March 2019 — announcement
ParlGov snippets on Github

For users of ParlGov, it is often not straightforward to understand how to create new datasets based on the core information in ParlGov. Users are interested in creating datasets on electoral gains and losses, government composition by party family or the party composition of EU institutions. Over the years, we have regularly written and revised scripts for our work and for colleagues to create these datasets based on information in ParlGov.

We have started to review and update some of these scripts that we have worked with regularly and will make them available in a new ParlGov Snippets Github repository. We'll post brief news entries here and introduce the respective scripts we add to the repository.

Wed 30 August 2017 — announcement
Biyearly stable releases

We decided to move to a biyearly relase of the stable version. ParlGov is a stable project by now. We mainly include updates for recent elections and new cabinets as well as minor bug fixes. Currently, we are not planning any major additions to the projects.

Please make use of the development version if you need recent elections. We aim to include new information within three months. Updates are announced in the news section and bug fixes in the changelog.

Fri 16 June 2017 — announcement
ParlGov archive at Harvard Dataverse

We have published an archive of our stable releases at the Harvard Dataverse —

Wed 9 March 2016 — announcement
Excel spreadsheet added

We have added an Excel spreadsheet of our main data. It includes sheets for the three main data tables (party, election, cabinet) and two documentation sheets (variable, readme). Importing the csv files has always caused some issues among our users due to different language and encoding settings.

Tue 23 December 2014 — announcement
New webpage at

We moved a new webpage to We have adjusted and tested the new version for some time. This will now be the main page of the project and all different versions (,, that existed previously are redirected to it. An archive of the old static version is available on the new page.

Sun 21 December 2014 — announcement
Wiki removed

We removed the wiki that was previously available at It has never received the level of attention or activity to keep it as an individual entity. We moved the relevant information from the wiki to the main new page (codebook, country info, changelog).

Sat 20 December 2014 — announcement
2015 sprint

We are completing our work on a major new version of ParlGov. It will include all data updated to votes level, the 2014 EP election and a new version of the web page. This will complete our effort to establish ParlGov as a coherent source of information about parties, elections and cabinets. We will also start to streamline the project and remove some old cruft. Separate news entries will inform about the individual steps.

Wed 17 December 2014 — announcement
ParlGov on Twitter

We have started to be on Twitter -- These tweets will be a more informal supplement to the news section and hopefully help us to better track the political events we include into ParlGov. It shall give all users a better understanding about the events we follow and about changes to the webpage we apply. Hopefully it will also encourage others to make us aware of events that should be included.

Mon 7 March 2011 — announcement
New web design and refactored database launched

We have just put online the implementation of our new web design and the refactored database schema.

Implementing the new design, developed by Jens Hoffmeister from underline webdesign, has kept us busy for the last three months. In addition to applying the new layout, we have used the opportunity to significantly clean up the structure of our html templates. The web design has already been very well received by some of our colleagues who gave their views on the new layout. The structure of the page remains more or less the same. However most links have changed and we are making now use of more explicit naming conventions to define our URLs.

Converting the old database structure into the new schema has been an even bigger challenge. While working with the first release, we realised that many of the table and variable names were not explicit enough. In addition, we had planned to redesign some of the table structures and revise table and variable names. There is an earlier news entry that gives the bigger perspective on the changes to the database. Please remember, most IDs, table names and variable names have changed in the new version.

The next release, ParlGov 10/11, will follow shortly. The plan is to have a beta version out tomorrow or the day after. We will test the beta version and the new development version for some days and plan to have a release of the new version at the beginning of next week.

Mon 8 November 2010 — announcement
ZeS is ParlGov's new home institution

We have moved to another university and are now based at the Centre for Social Policy Research (ZeS), University of Bremen.

For ParlGov, our time at the European University Institute (EUI) and the University of Heidelberg has been very productive. It was the academic year when we released the first public version of the projects and both institutions have provided significant support in finding out how ParlGov is received.

We keep a connection to the EUI through our cooperation with the EUDO Data Centre project.

Wed 3 November 2010 — announcement
ParlGov II -- new web design

The next version of ParlGov will include a new web design and we have worked with Jens Hoffmeister from underline webdesign over the last months to give our website a fresh look. Here is an example of the new design.

The old design with the current layout, logo and colors has not changed over the last five years and there were only some improvements to the navigation. Honestly, it was in strong need of a fresh look. Jens has created the new design by defining a modern layout, color scheme and logo based on the existing pages. The structure of the pages will remain but some of the underlying html and css code has been significantly cleaned up.

Ones we have put up online a first beta version of the next release you will see how fresh and modern the new design is.

Thu 9 September 2010 — announcement
ParlGov and EUDO cooperation

Recently, we have started a cooperation with the EUI based European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) and we will distribute the most recent stable version of ParlGov in the new EUDO Data Centre.

Fri 23 July 2010 — announcement
RSS news feed and Django upgrade

The ParlGov website is programmed in Django and we have upgraded to the latest version of the framework. With this upgrade, an RSS feed for the news entries is now available.

Sun 6 June 2010 — announcement
ParlGov 10/02 — Quo vadis?

Just some notes about the status and quality of data in the ParlGov 10/02 release. We have been working with the data in ParlGov for many years. First, this was only an internal project. Over the last year, we have made significant efforts to clean up our data and to document tables, variables and data sources in order to provide a first version about our vision of the future of data collection in political science. This is what ParlGov 10/02 is about: a first version of a long term project and commitment on our side. We have a long list of future enhancement. However, from now onwards, we document all our changes and make sure that you can track the evolution of the project. At this point, most changes are a result of feedback we receive.

Fri 26 February 2010 — announcement
ParlGov in Italy

Holger has moved to Florence in Italy, where he will spend the academic year as a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI). Hopefully, many local expertise about the countries we cover in ParlGov will even further improve the data quality.

Tue 1 September 2009 — announcement
Adding news section to summarize recent changes

This page will log the most recent changes to ParlGov. Some of the significant changes from recent weeks will also be included back-dated.

Sat 8 August 2009 — announcement
Wiki and ticket system online

A project management system for ParlGov with a wiki and an issue management system is now online ( We make use of the Trac system. This software uses a different authentication system and you have to login separately. Use guest and ParlGovGuest to login.

Tue 4 August 2009 — announcement