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Hungary election and cabinet added

We have added the election in Hungary 2018 with the new cabinet Orban IV.

We also added the cabinet Rutte V, which we forgot to include in the stable version

Thu 24 May 2018 — recent event · Hungary
ParlGov 2018 released

We have added the 2018 stable version of the ParlGov data. An archived version is also available in the ParlGov Dataverse.

The version name is now based on the year of the stable release. The 2018 version includes all elections and cabinets until March 2018.

Tue 1 May 2018 — stable release
Elections and cabinets added

Over the last months we have added recent elections and new cabinets in New Zealand, Austria, Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Japan and cabinet changes in Romania and Slovakia.

Thu 26 April 2018 — update
Snippet · cabinet types

We added a new script to determine the cabinet type (minority, minimal winning, surplus) for all cabinets in ParlGov.

We also added a nice map to the party family snippet.

Mon 22 January 2018 — snippets
Updates and stable version

We are a little behind with updating elections and cabinets from the second half of 2017. We will add the information over the coming weeks.

In addition, we will publish a stable version ones we have updated all 2017 information.

Thu 11 January 2018 — miscellaneous