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Commission appointment Tonio Borg and minor updates

We have added the recently appointed new Commissioner from Malta, Tonio Borg. In addition, we have completed the coding of the variable ‘elected’ for all Commissioners and added a minor update to the respective codebook.

Tue 18 December 2012 — recent event
Lithuania election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the 2012 election in the Netherlands and the recently formed new cabinet under PM Butkevicius.

Mon 26 November 2012 — recent event · Lithuania
Netherlands election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the September election in the Netherlands and the recently formed new cabinet under PM Rutte.

Wed 7 November 2012 — recent event · Netherlands
Iceland with votes level data

We have updated all election results in Iceland from seats to votes level data. We coded all parties with more than 1% of the vote share, that won seats in parliament or the largest party winning no seats in an election. In addition, we unified the election date coded to the last date of an election and indicate all early elections.

Tue 6 November 2012 — votes level · Iceland
ParlGov at Policy Votes conference

We were invited to the workshop "Political representation in Europe: Methods and data" organized by Christine Arnold (University of Maastrich) and Mark Franklin (European University Institute). The Policy Votes project was presented and discussed at the workshop, an innovative and ambitious project to provide better data for studying representation in Western Europe at the voters, parties and legislative level. The project gathered researchers that presented work on modern data infrastructures for compartative politics: the Manifesto Project (MRG/CMP/MARPOR), PIREDEU, the Comparative Agendas Project (CAP), RTextTools and the Amsterdam Contentanalysis Toolkit (AmCAT) as well as ParlGov.

Sun 28 October 2012 — presentation
ParlGov 12/10 released

We have now released ParlGov 12/10, the fourth major stable version of the ParlGov project. There have been only minor changes and updates to the beta version we put online last week. ParlGov 12/10 includes all elections and cabinets until the end of August 2012 for the countries we cover. For the version we have added elections and cabinets in Switzerland from 1919 to 1947, in Australia from 1901 to 1945 and updated Australia and New Zealand from seats to votes level.

Mon 15 October 2012 — stable release
Beta version ParlGov 12/10 online

We are preparing a new stable version, ParlGov 12/10 -- Autumn 2012 and a beta version is now available online. We provide at least one stable version a year, which is a frozen snap shot of our development version. All significant changes since the last stable version are documented in the changelog. We plan to release the stable version at the beginning of next week.

Mon 8 October 2012 — stable release
Party composition of EU institutions

In the download section we have added an application of ParlGov for students of the EU. The file contains scripts to create data about the party composition of the EU with information from the ParlGov project. All scripts are written in the R programing language. In addition, the European political space since 1958 is visualized including all changes in party composition. For the project, we also reintegrated data on the compositon of the College of Commissioners and present it in the data section (eg. Germany).

Sun 7 October 2012 — update
Australia with votes level data

We have updated election results for Australia from seats to votes level data and added elections and cabinets from 1901 to 1943. For most of our information we used publications of the Statistics and Mapping Section of the Australian Parliament.

Sat 6 October 2012 — votes level · Australia
Party clean up

Following the recent update of coding rules for our election results, we have also cleaned up the parties included into ParlGov. Fur this purpose, we removed minor parties without election results according to our new criteria (1.0% vote share or 2 seats). A more detailed summary of coding rules for parties, election results and cabinets will follow over the next month.

Tue 2 October 2012 — change data
New Zealand with votes level data

We have updated and checked all election results from 1943 for New Zealand and coded all parties according to our new coding rule. We include all parties with more than 1.0% vote share, that won seats in parliament or the largest party winning no seats in an election. For most of our informations we used the Official Yearbooks or the results of the Electoral Commission.

Wed 5 September 2012 — votes level · New Zealand
Greece elections and cabinets added

We have added the results of the May and June legislative election in Greece as well as the new cabinets under Pikramenos and Samaras.

Tue 4 September 2012 — recent event · Greece
France election and cabinets added

We have added the results of the June legislative election in France and the new cabinet Ayrault II, as well as the short-term post-presidential election cabinet Ayrault I.

Mon 20 August 2012 — recent event · France
Updated coding rules election

ParlGov includes information about the number of seats and the share of votes for all parties in parliament and elections we cover. For some countries and new elections, we also include the number of votes and some of the parties that won no seats. We used to include all parties that won more than 0.5% vote share but have now increased the threshold to 1.0%. We have learned that many of the parties below the 1.0% threshold run only in one election and it was difficult to gather reliable information about these parties. As a consequence, we increased the threshold for including election results and removed observations below the threshold. We cover only those parties with less than 1.0% vote share that won seats in parliament or the largest party winning no seats in the election.

Wed 13 June 2012 — change data
Data in country-year format

We are preparing the next stable release. One of the features we have recently introduced is a base table to create data sets in country-year format where each observation covers information about a parliament or cabinet for every year. In the table viewcalc_country_year_share we provide weights for each parliament and cabinet for a given year. You can use this table with aggregated information at the parliament or cabinet level to create data sets in country-year format.

Tue 12 June 2012 — new data
Romania cabinet added

We have added the fall of the two-month old cabinet under PM Ungureanu and the recently formed cabinet under PM Ponta.

Wed 23 May 2012 — recent event · Romania
Slovakia election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the March election in Slovakia and the new cabinet under PM Fico.

Thu 17 May 2012 — recent event · Slovakia
Czech Republic cabinet added

In addition to the Dutch cabinet, we have also added the new Czech cabinet under PM Necas following the split of the junior coalition partner Public Affairs.

Wed 16 May 2012 — recent event · Czech Republic
Netherlands cabinet added

Recently, we have added the fall of the Rutte I cabinet at the end of April in the Netherlands. In ParlGov, there is a caretaker cabinet Rutte II because the cabinet is asked to stay in office until elections take place in September.

Tue 15 May 2012 — recent event · Netherlands
Update calculation party positions

ParlGov party positions are based on various party expert surveys (Castles/Mair 1983, Huber/Inglehart 1995, Ray 1999, Benoit/Laver 2006 and CHESS 2010). These positions are just the mean value of all observations available from these sources in a particular dimension (left_right, state_market, liberty_authority, eu_anti_pro).

There was a bug in the scripts that converted the data from Benoit/Laver and not all positions from the data set were included into the calculation. We became aware of the issue, when someone pointed out the extremely moderate left/right position of the German far-right NPD in ParlGov. We have now solved the issue and include data on all relevant dimensions from Benoit/Laver into the calculation. This also solves the issue of having information in the left/right dimension for some minor parties instead of using the state/market dimension.

While updating the position data we have also renamed the variables for the EU dimension from ‘eu_pro_contra’ into ‘eu_anti_pro’ since lower values on the scale present eurosceptic positions.

Tue 1 May 2012 — change data
Swiss 2011 election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the October 2011 election in Switzerland and the new Bundesrat. Swiss citizens have multiple votes in some cantons and official statistics calculate comparable number of votes (“fiktive Wählende”) for all parties at the federal level. Official election results were provided by the Statistical Office of Switzerland (BFS) and we would like to thank Madeleine Schneider (BFS) and Georg Lutz (University of Lausanne) for providing important details.

Tue 27 March 2012 — recent event · Switzerland
Romania cabinet added

We have added the fall of the Boc III government in February 2012 and added the succeeding cabinet under PM Ungureanu. In this context we recoded the Boc II government and split it into Boc II and Boc III due to a change in the cabinet composition in 2010.

Mon 13 February 2012 — recent event · Romania
Slovenia election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the December election in Slovenia and the recently formed cabinet under PM Jansa.

Sun 12 February 2012 — recent event · Slovenia
Belgium new cabinet added

We have added the Belgium cabinet that formed one and a half year after the election. In ParlGov, there is a caretaker cabinet in between because the formation process took more than three month.

Tue 31 January 2012 — recent event · Belgium
Spain election and cabinet added

We have now added the election in Spain in November 2011 and the cabinet under PM Rajoy. To cover more than 99% of the votes we had to add a number of new parties.

Mon 23 January 2012 — recent event · Spain
New Zealand election and cabinet added

We have also added the election in New Zealand and the second Key cabinet.

Sat 7 January 2012 — recent event · New Zealand
Poland election and cabinet added

Recently, we added the election in Poland and the second Tusk cabinet.

Fri 6 January 2012 — recent event · Poland