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Greece interim cabinet added

We have added the recently formed caretaker cabinet in Greece.

Wed 14 December 2011 — recent event · Greece
Italy interim cabinet added

We have also added the recently formed caretaker cabinet in Italy.

Tue 13 December 2011 — recent event · Italy
Slovakia caretaker government added

We have added the fall of the Radičová I government and added the succeeding caretaker government Radičová II. The cabinet Radičová I lost a confidence vote and became a caretaker government without a formal resignation. Following our coding rules we coded it as an equivalent to a substantively meaningful resignation due to a change into a caretaker cabinet.

Wed 23 November 2011 — recent event · Slovakia
Latvia election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the September election in Latvia and the new cabinet under PM Dombrovskis. In this context we have updated the previous election in 2010.

Fri 28 October 2011 — recent event · Latvia
Denmark election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the recent Danish election and the new cabinet under PM Thorning-Schmidt.

Fri 7 October 2011 — recent event · Denmark
Canada election results updated

We have now updated the results of the May election with an official source. In this context we have also updated the previous election 2008 and the corresponding cabinets Harper II and Harper III.

Sun 25 September 2011 — recent event · Canada
Japan new cabinet added

We have added the new Japanese cabinet under PM Noda. He follows PM Kan who resigned after widespread criticism over his handling of the tsunami and Fukushima power plant crisis.

Fri 23 September 2011 — recent event · Japan
ParlGov 11/07 added to EUDO Data Centre

We have now added the most recent release of ParlGov to the EUDO Data Centre. In the data centre, you can download the main ParlGov tables (parties, elections, cabinets) and a documentation of these tables. The three main data sets are available in various formats (Stata, SPSS, R), are labelled and can be analysed online in the data centre.

A short technical note: The data sets offered in the data centre are derived from information that is available in the stable version. We automatically generate a couple of scripts to label the three main data tables with information from the documentation tables.

Wed 31 August 2011 — update
Cyprus with new cabinet

We have added the new cabinet under President Christofias. The reshuffle became necessary after ministers of the junior coalition partner DIKO quit. When updating the previous cabinet, we realized that the termination date of cabinet Christofias I has to be recoded. We split the former cabinet into Christofias I and Christofias II.

Wed 24 August 2011 — recent event · Cyprus
ParlGov 11/07 released

We have now released ParlGov 11/07 (26 July 2011), the third major stable release of the ParlGov project. There have been no changes to the release candidate we put online a couple of days ago. ParlGov 11/07 includes all elections and cabinets until the mid of July for the countries we cover. In this version we have added elections and cabinets in Japan from 1945 to 1958 and updated Austria, Cyprus, Poland from seats to votes level data. Finally, there has been a number of smaller updates and corrections that are listed in the changelog.

Sun 31 July 2011 — stable release
Japan elections and cabinets added (1945 to 1958) – next stable preparations

We have added election results and cabinets from 1945 to 1958 for Japan.

Furthermore, we are preparing a new stable version, ParlGov 11/07, and plan to release it at the end of this week. Follow ParlGov on Twitter for more detailed updates.

Mon 25 July 2011 — recent event · Japan
Poland with votes level data

We have finally updated and checked all election results for Poland and coded all parties with more than 0.5% of the vote share in national and EP elections. This has led to a significant extension and partial revision of the party codings due to the volatility of the Polish party system over the last two decades. We have tried to include all relevant information about electoral alliances and links between parties. Nevertheless, the coding of alliances and party changes may need an external validation by another country expert in the future.

Upgrading the Polish election results would not have been possible without the expertise and diligent work of Paweł Szczerbak (University of Heidelberg).

Tue 12 July 2011 — votes level · Poland
Cyprus with votes level data

We have updated all election results for Cyprus and coded all parties with more than 0.5% of the vote share in national and EP elections.

Tue 5 July 2011 — votes level · Cyprus
Finland election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the April election in Finland and the new cabinet under PM Katainen.

Thu 30 June 2011 — recent event · Finland
Portugal election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the recent snap election and the resulting new Passos Coelho cabinet in Portugal. The election followed the resignation of PM Socrates on 23 March after parliament rejected an austerity budget.

Wed 29 June 2011 — recent event · Portugal
Slovenia - another cabinet composition change

There has been another change in the party composition of the Slovenian government when Zares ministers resigned on 27 June. We have added this change by recoding the start date of the Pahor II cabinet.

This particular recoding highlights one of the cabinet coding rules we have developed. Cabinet terminations as defined by political scientists (election, change party or pm, cabinet resignation) are sometimes followed by additional events that would define a new cabinet.  This may lead to defining some rather short lived (mostly technical) cabinets. We deal with the issue through a ‘three month rule’ and code continuation governments only if they last for more than three month. The cabinet documentation gives some more detailed information and examples.

Tue 28 June 2011 — recent event · Slovenia
Cyprus election added

We have added the results of the recent election in Cyprus. The new cabinet is derived from our coding rules and no new cabinet formation process has taken place.

Mon 13 June 2011 — recent event · Cyprus
Slovenia change in cabinet composition

We have now added a new Pahor cabinet following a change in the party composition on 19 May when the last DeSUS minister withdrew from the party. The party previously decided to leave the cabinet.

Tue 7 June 2011 — recent event · Slovenia
Data infrastructures talk in St. Gallen

We gave a presentation about our ideas of new data infrastructures in comparative politics at the ECPR Joint Session in St. Gallen at the workshop on Ministerial turnover and ministerial career paths in contemporary democracies. The workshop was organised by members of SEDEPE, a network studying and collecting data on political careers. In the presentation we also summarised our experience from setting up the ParlGov project, its successes and its failures. Following several discussions over the conference some cooperation between SEDEPE and ParlGov is going to emerge over the coming months. Many thanks to Hanna Bäck (Mannheim), Luca Verzichelli (Siena) and Patrick Dumont (Luxembourg) for inviting us!

Tue 19 April 2011 — presentation
Estonia election and cabinet added

Results of the recent elections in Estonia and the new Ansip government have been added.

Sun 10 April 2011 — recent event · Estonia
Irish election and Kenny government

We added the results of the February elections in Ireland and the new coalition under PM Kenny. We used the data from RTÉ and may update them once the official results are available.

Fri 18 March 2011 — recent event · Ireland
ParlGov on Twitter

We have started to be on Twitter -- These tweets will be a more informal supplement to the news section and hopefully help us to better track the political events we include into ParlGov. It shall give all users a better understanding about the events we follow and about changes to the webpage we apply. Hopefully it will also encourage others to make us aware of events that should be included.

Mon 7 March 2011 — announcement
Austria with votes level data

We have now added the official election results for Austria and coded all parties with more than 0.5% vote share in national or EP elections. The party system has been rather stable over the last decades so that we had to add only a few new parties.

Sat 12 February 2011 — votes level · Austria