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Greek election and new governments added

Results from the recent September election in Greece were added to ParlGov. In addition we have added the new Papandreou cabinet to ParlGov.

Mon 23 November 2009 — recent event · Greece
Portuguese election and cabinet added

Results from the recent September elections in Portugal were added to ParlGov. In addition we have added the second Socrates cabinet for Portugal.

Mon 23 November 2009 — recent event · Portugal
Short paper about ParlGov available

We have written a short paper about ParlGov and specified the full title of the project: "Parliament and government composition database (ParlGov): An infrastructure for empirical information on parties, elections and governments in modern democracies". The paper provides an introduction about the concept and technologies of ParlGov.

Thu 12 November 2009 — publication
Ray party expert survey IDs added

Updating ParlGov's party table to the most recent CHESS data required to include the party IDs from the Ray expert survey separately. We have now finished linking all party IDs from the Ray data set. Most of the IDs from CHESS and Ray's data are indentical but be aware that some of them are different.

Sun 8 November 2009 — new data
Japanese election and government added

Election results and government formation in Japan from September 2009 added to ParlGov. You may also want to have a look at the list of Japanese parties in ParlGov to better understand our efforts of paying attention to details by providing original party names.

Sun 1 November 2009 — recent event · Japan
EP elections 2009 — coding finished

This took a while, but we have now finished adding results of the European Parliament Election 2009 from last June. For most countries we were able to make use of official election results. Adding almost thirty elections, with a lot of electoral alliances took some time. As always, we tried to code all parties with more than 0.5% of the national vote. National elections and government formations that took place before the EP election in June are already included. Hence, testing 'second order' theories of EP elections is straightforward with ParlGov and some database queries.

Sat 31 October 2009 — recent event
EU Profiler parties added

Here at the European University Institute, Alexander Trechsel has kindly provided a list of the parties from the EU Profiler project with party names and their IDs. We have now linked all these parties to the ParlGov parties and added the new ones. The full EU Profiler data set will be published in 2010.

Thu 29 October 2009 — new data
German cabinet added

ParlGov was started at the MPIfG in Colgone in Germany in 2005 and is the home country of the project leaders. Hence, this is the country were we have most expertise and that we keep updated as a reference country for the coding. Therefore, we have added the new cabinet just at the day when Angela Merkel was re-elected as chancellor in the German Bundestag. To better understand the fine grained coding that we have already included into ParlGov for Germany, have a look at the election results for 1969 and see the coding of changes in the party composition of the Bundestag.

Wed 28 October 2009 — recent event · Germany
CHES data added

Chapel Hill Expert Survey Series (CHES) data added to ParlGov. Due to the new structure of the CHES data, there is now a seperate link to the Ray data set.

Sun 25 October 2009 — new data
German election results added

Official German election results from the Bundeswahlleiter added.

Sat 24 October 2009 — recent event · Germany
Bulgarian election and government added

Recent election results and government formation in Bulgaria from July 2009 added to ParlGov.

Sat 10 October 2009 — recent event · Bulgaria
ParlGov in Turin

Another presentation of ParlGov in Italy. This time in Turin as part of a workshop at the ECPR Carlo Alberto Summer School on Analytical Politics in Europe. Thanks to Fabio Franchino (University of Milan) for inviting.

Mon 21 September 2009 — presentation
ParlGov in Rome

Holger gave a talk at the XXIII Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Political Science (SISP) in a sequence of "Short courses in web research". Among other topics, ParlGov and its concept were introduced. Many thanks for the interest in the audience and to Francesco Zucchini (University of Milan) for the invitation.

Thu 17 September 2009 — presentation
ParlGov in Potsdam

5th ECPR General Conference 2009, Potsdam

Thu 10 September 2009 — presentation
ParlGov in Italy

Holger has moved to Florence in Italy, where he will spend the academic year as a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI). Hopefully, many local expertise about the countries we cover in ParlGov will even further improve the data quality.

Tue 1 September 2009 — announcement
Luxembourg election and new government

We have included official election results for recent national and EP elections, as well as information about the new cabinet.

Mon 10 August 2009 — recent event · Luxembourg
Adding news section to summarize recent changes

This page will log the most recent changes to ParlGov. Some of the significant changes from recent weeks will also be included back-dated.

Sat 8 August 2009 — announcement
Defector parties column for cabinets

The table cab_party now includes an additional column to code defector parties. With this observation we indicate if a party left a governing coaliton. Including this variable was inspired by Tavits' 2008 paper The Role of Parties’ Past Behavior in Coalition Formation.

Fri 7 August 2009 — new data
Wiki and ticket system online

A project management system for ParlGov with a wiki and an issue management system is now online ( We make use of the Trac system. This software uses a different authentication system and you have to login separately. Use guest and ParlGovGuest to login.

Tue 4 August 2009 — announcement
Italy data revised

Election results and government composition data on Italy has been thoroughly revised. ParlGov now includes the official election results. Working on Italy has also brought a new table parl_alliance into ParlGov to code the membership in electoral alliances. See the 1994 and succeeding parliamentary election for a wide use of this coding scheme.

Mon 3 August 2009 — update · Italy
Central- and East European countries double checked

We have finished double checking our data on parties, election outcomes and government compositions for the Central- and East European EU member states. Government composition data was compared to information provided by Müller-Rommel ea. (2008) and EJPR Yearbooks.

Our electoral results on Central- and Eastern Europe still lack a systematic coding of electoral alliances and an inclusion of official election results. Please let us know if you notice any data bugs.

Fri 31 July 2009 — update