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Portugal election and cabinet added

We have added the recent election in Portugal and the new cabinet under PM Costa.

Thu 17 December 2015 — recent event · Portugal
Portugal election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the recent snap election and the resulting new Passos Coelho cabinet in Portugal. The election followed the resignation of PM Socrates on 23 March after parliament rejected an austerity budget.

Wed 29 June 2011 — recent event · Portugal
Portugal with votes level data

We have finished updating the Portugal data in ParlGov and coded all parties with more than 0.5% vote share and their official election results for national and EP elections.

Sun 23 May 2010 — votes level · Portugal
Portuguese election and cabinet added

Results from the recent September elections in Portugal were added to ParlGov. In addition we have added the second Socrates cabinet for Portugal.

Mon 23 November 2009 — recent event · Portugal