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Netherlands election added

We have added the recent election in the Netherlands.

Mon 26 June 2017 — recent event · Netherlands
Netherlands election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the September election in the Netherlands and the recently formed new cabinet under PM Rutte.

Wed 7 November 2012 — recent event · Netherlands
Netherlands cabinet added

Recently, we have added the fall of the Rutte I cabinet at the end of April in the Netherlands. In ParlGov, there is a caretaker cabinet Rutte II because the cabinet is asked to stay in office until elections take place in September.

Tue 15 May 2012 — recent event · Netherlands
Dutch government added

The new Dutch minority cabinet was appointed today and we have added it to ParlGov.

Thu 14 October 2010 — recent event · Netherlands
Dutch election added

On June 9 2010 an election took place in the Netherlands. We have now added the official results of this elections into ParlGov. The new cabinet has yet to be formed or needs to pass an investiture vote. Once the cabinet has been appointed, we add it as well and leave a short note in this news section.

Sun 4 July 2010 — recent event · Netherlands
Dutch caretaker government and defector parties added

We coded the fall of the Balkenende IV goverment and the succeeding demissionary cabinet due to the change in party composition. In addition, we also went through all previous Dutch cabinets, added links to their Wikipedia entries and coded defector parties.

Sun 14 March 2010 — recent event · Netherlands