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Luxembourg party names updated

We changed the names of Luxembourgish parties to their Luxembourgish indication. French and German party names are from now on coded as json.

Mon 13 January 2020 — update · Luxembourg
Luxembourg cabinet added

We added the new cabinet under PM Bettel.

Thu 20 December 2018 — recent event · Luxembourg
Luxembourg election added

We added the recent election in Luxembourg.

Fri 26 October 2018 — recent event · Luxembourg
Luxembourg election and cabinet added

We have added the recent election in Luxembourg and the newly formed cabinet under PM Bettel.

Tue 10 December 2013 — recent event · Luxembourg
Luxembourg with votes level data

We have updated all election results for Luxembourg from seats to votes level data. For most of our information we used the official site of the Ministry of internal affairs and the Statistical Yearbooks of Luxembourg. The voting system is based on multiple votes and therefore the number of votes exceeds the number of eligible voters.

Tue 2 April 2013 — votes level · Luxembourg
Luxembourg election and new government

We have included official election results for recent national and EP elections, as well as information about the new cabinet.

Mon 10 August 2009 — recent event · Luxembourg