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France cabinet added

We have added the new cabinet under PM Cazeneuve.

Sun 11 December 2016 — recent event · France
France cabinets updated

We have updated all cabinets in France from 1944 to 1997.

Thu 20 November 2014 — update · France
France cabinet added

We have added the second cabinet of PM Valls.

Fri 29 August 2014 — recent event · France
France cabinet added

We have added the newly formed cabinet under PM Valls.

Tue 8 April 2014 — recent event · France
France with votes level data

We have updated all election results for France from seats to votes level data. Due to the poorly documented information the coding has taken up some time. For the same reason it is based on three sources: Mackie and Rose (1991), Nohlen and Stöver (2010) and Assemblée nationale.

Thu 12 December 2013 — votes level · France
France election and cabinets added

We have added the results of the June legislative election in France and the new cabinet Ayrault II, as well as the short-term post-presidential election cabinet Ayrault I.

Mon 20 August 2012 — recent event · France
France Fillon III cabinet added

We have also added the recently formed French cabinet that had previously resigned. The cabinet stepped down to allow President Sarkozy to appoint a new reshuffled cabinet.

Adding this cabinet was a little delayed by the recent stable release. Most of the new observations are added within a week after an event took place or the official information (election statistics) are available.

Sat 18 December 2010 — recent event · France