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Germany inter-war elections and cabinets added

We added all cabinets and elections in Germany between 1919 and 1933.

Thu 14 February 2019 — new data · Germany
Germany election and cabinet added

We have added the recent election in Germany and the third cabinet under PM Merkel.

Fri 20 December 2013 — recent event · Germany
Germany CDU/CSU party group

In Germany, CDU and CSU run independently in elections without competing at the state level. Both parties form a joint parliamentary group in the German parliament after the election. This fact has now also been included into ParlGov. CDU and CSU are kept distinct in our election results but the joint party group is recorded in our parliament change data. As a consequence most of the cabinets including the CDU/CSU are no surplus coalitions anymore.

Thu 14 February 2013 — change data · Germany
German cabinet added

ParlGov was started at the MPIfG in Colgone in Germany in 2005 and is the home country of the project leaders. Hence, this is the country were we have most expertise and that we keep updated as a reference country for the coding. Therefore, we have added the new cabinet just at the day when Angela Merkel was re-elected as chancellor in the German Bundestag. To better understand the fine grained coding that we have already included into ParlGov for Germany, have a look at the election results for 1969 and see the coding of changes in the party composition of the Bundestag.

Wed 28 October 2009 — recent event · Germany
German election results added

Official German election results from the Bundeswahlleiter added.

Sat 24 October 2009 — recent event · Germany