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Switzerland cabinet added

We added the new cabinet under Bundesrat 2019.

Thu 23 January 2020 — recent event · Switzerland
Switzerland election added

We added the recent election in Switzerland.

Tue 12 November 2019 — recent event · Switzerland
Switzerland with votes level data

We have updated all election results for Switzerland from seats to votes level data. The coding is mainly based on the Statistical Office of Switzerland.

Wed 15 October 2014 — votes level · Switzerland
Swiss 2011 election and cabinet added

We have added the results of the October 2011 election in Switzerland and the new Bundesrat. Swiss citizens have multiple votes in some cantons and official statistics calculate comparable number of votes (“fiktive Wählende”) for all parties at the federal level. Official election results were provided by the Statistical Office of Switzerland (BFS) and we would like to thank Madeleine Schneider (BFS) and Georg Lutz (University of Lausanne) for providing important details.

Tue 27 March 2012 — recent event · Switzerland
Swiss cabinets added

We have added all Swiss cabinets into ParlGov. Determining a cabinet for Switzerland according to the four criteria defining a cabinet was a little difficult. We decided not to code a prime minister in the case of Switzerland so that we have one cabinet for every legislative term that ends with an election.

Tue 31 August 2010 — recent event · Switzerland