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Belgium cabinet added

We added the new cabinet under PM Michel.

Mon 24 February 2020 — recent event · Belgium
Belgium caretaker cabinet added

We added the new caretaker cabinet under PM Wilmès.

Mon 24 February 2020 — recent event · Belgium
Belgium election added

We added the recent election in Belgium.

Mon 3 June 2019 — recent event · Belgium
Belgium cabinet added

We have added the newly formed cabinet under PM Michel.

Thu 16 October 2014 — recent event · Belgium
Belgian election added

We have added the recent election in Belgium.

Wed 25 June 2014 — recent event · Belgium
Belgium new cabinet added

We have added the Belgium cabinet that formed one and a half year after the election. In ParlGov, there is a caretaker cabinet in between because the formation process took more than three month.

Tue 31 January 2012 — recent event · Belgium
Belgium with votes level data

Today (12 October), we finished adding all votes level data for Belgium. For the country, there is a good official source with the results of all national and European Parliament elections and most of our updated information is from this source. Nevertheless, coding the Belgium parties is always a challenge especially for the 1970s. We did our best to link all existing parties. Nevertheless some enhancements may be suggested by country experts later on.

With "votes level data" we cover all parties that gained more than 0.5 percentage of the votes in post-war national and EP elections. It is our long term goal to move from "seats level data" to "votes level data" for all OECD/EU countries in the post-war period. Only the latter level allows to use ParlGov as a device for research and teaching about electoral systems.

Tue 12 October 2010 — votes level · Belgium
Belgian election added

On June 13 2010 elections took place in Belgium. We have now added the official results of these elections into ParlGov. The new cabinet has yet to be formed or needs to pass an investiture vote. Once the cabinet has been appointed, we add it as well and leave a short note in this news section.

Sun 4 July 2010 — recent event · Belgium
New Belgian cabinet added

The recent formation of the Leterme II cabinet in Belgium has been added to ParlGov. Together with the recently added Boc II cabinet in Romania this should complete all political data in ParlGov until the end of 2009.

Wed 13 January 2010 — recent event · Belgium