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calculated parameters about parliamentary elections -- see list of variables for further details
Note: Parameters are calculated by an R script at irregular intervals. Results for parties from party family 'none' (esp. 'no party affiliation' and 'others' parties) are removed from calculation (see Taagepera 1997; Gallagher/Mitchel 2005, 598-606).


Döring, Holger and Philip Manow. 2020. Parliaments and governments database (ParlGov): Information on parties, elections and cabinets in modern democracies. Development version.


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Name Description Type
election id ParlGov unique identifier for national and EP elections. Other tables refer to this variable as 'election_id'. integer
turnout voter turnout – share of 'votes cast' relative to 'electorate' real
enp votes effective number of parties votes – elected parties (Laakso/Taagepera 1979) real
enp seats effective number of parties seats – legislative parties (Laakso/Taagepera 1979) real
disproportionality disproportionality index (Gallagher 1991) real
advantage ratio advantage ratio (Taagepera/Shugart 1989) real
polarization vote polarization index (Dalton 2008, 906) – vote share based with 'view_calc_party_position' left/right values real
polarization seats polarization index (Dalton 2008, 906) – seats share based with 'view_calc_party_position' left/right values real
calculation date date and time calculation was performed with ParlGov R script text