Table view_cabinet


Cabinet and opposition parties in parliament with their seat strength at each instance of government formation. (main view)
Note: new cabinets are defined for (I) any change in the set of parties holding cabinet membership; (II) any change in the identity of the prime minister; (III) any general election; (IV) any substantively meaningful resignation


Döring, Holger and Philip Manow. 2019. Parliaments and governments database (ParlGov): Information on parties, elections and cabinets in modern democracies. Development version.


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Name Description Type
country name short three letter abbreviation of country -- iso alpha code text
country name name of country text
election date Date the election took place. If the election lasted for several days, we code the last date. date
start date start of cabinet defined as the date of the first event that determines a new cabinet
Note: For some (continuation) caretaker cabinet, the date is set to election date.
cabinet name label/name of cabinet consisting of the family name of the prime minister and a roman numeral if he/she headed more than one cabinet (ascii characters only) text
caretaker caretaker cabinet with a limited legislative mandate: non-partisan, provisional, technical or continuation (tree month rule) cabinet binary
cabinet party cabinet member vs. opposition party binary
prime minister indicates if the party fills the prime minster position binary
seats number of seats in parliament
Note: In versions prior to ParlGov 11/07, the number of seats was based on seats won at the last election (table 'election_result'). It does now take into account changes in parliament -- see documentation for table 'viewcalc_parliament_composition'.
election seats total seats total in parliament integer
party name short party abbreviation text
party name original name of party with native characters (this field may require a change of character encodings on your local computer) text
party name english English name of party text
left right 0--10 scale mean value in left/right dimension with data from Castles/Mair 1983, Huber/Inglehart 1995, Benoit/Laver 2006 and CHES 2010 real
country id ParlGov unique identifier for each country. Other tables refer to this variable as 'country_id'. integer
election id ParlGov unique identifier for national and EP elections. Other tables refer to this variable as 'election_id'. integer
cabinet id ParlGov unique identifier for each cabinet. Variable name 'id' in 'cabinet' table and 'cabinet_id' in all other tables. integer
previous cabinet id 'cabinet_id' of previous national cabinet in the country integer
party id ParlGov unique party identifier. Variable name 'id' in 'party' table and 'party_id' in all other tables. integer