Table external_party_huber_inglehart


party position data from Huber/Inglehart (1995)

This table contains information from and/or links to an external data source. Please reference the original source if you make use of the table.


Huber, John, and Roland Inglehart. 1995. “Expert Interpretations of Party Space and Party Locations in 42 Societies.” Party Politics 1(1):73–111.


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Name Description Type
id Huber/Inglehart (1995) expert survey party ID -- combined from number of country and number of party entry in Appendix 2 (pp. 92--108) integer
country Huber/Inglehart (1995) country name text
name english English name of party text
name original name of party with native characters (this field may require a change of character encodings on your local computer) text
name short party abbreviation text
left right left/right position real
range left lower bound of left/right position real
range right upper bound of left/right position real
sd standard deviation of left/right position real
respondents number of respondents integer