Table external_party_castles_mair


party position data from Castles/Mair (1983)

This table contains information from and/or links to an external data source. Please reference the original source if you make use of the table.


Castles, Francis G. and Peter Mair. 1984. “Left-right political scales: Some ‘expert’ judgements.” European Journal of Political Research 12(1):73–88.


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Name Description Type
id Castles/Mair (1983) expert survey party ID -- combined from number of country and number of party entry in data table (pp. 75--83) integer
country country name text
name original name of party with native characters (this field may require a change of character encodings on your local computer) text
name english English name of party text
name short party abbreviation text
range left lower bound of left/right position real
range right upper bound of left/right position real
left right 0--10 scale mean value in left/right dimension with data from Castles/Mair 1983, Huber/Inglehart 1995, Benoit/Laver 2006 and CHES 2010 real
respondents number of respondents integer