Table external_commissioner_doering


members of the European Union's College of Commissioners

This table contains information from and/or links to an external data source. Please reference the original source if you make use of the table.


Döring, Holger. 2007. ‘The Composition of the College of Commissioners’. European Union Politics 8(2):207–228.


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European Commissioners (pdf, 210 kb)


Name Description Type
id unique numeric identifier for each observation in data table integer
country id ParlGov unique identifier for each country. Other tables refer to this variable as 'country_id'. integer
commission year year Commission formed integer
commission name name of Commission text
person id ParlGov unique person identifier. Other tables refer to this variable as 'person_id'. integer
person id source textual string with the person name in the data source of the observation text
start date Commissioner entered Commission date
end date Commissioner left Commission date
incumbent member of previous Commission binary
one seat one seat in Commission binary
party id ParlGov unique party identifier. Variable name 'id' in 'party' table and 'party_id' in all other tables. integer
government party party affiliation at appointment
Note: 10 government, 11 opposition, 12 other
president president of Commission binary
portfolio Commission portfolio text
elected career with political position before binary
score position score for highest position real
highest position highest former position text
data source short list of data sources used to code this variable -- references, except urls, are entries in table 'info_data_source' text
comment additional information about the coding of this observation text
previous cabinet id ParlGov unique cabinet identifier -- cabinet in office at the time of appointment integer