Table election


information about a parliamentary election
Note: see documentation of 'view_election' for information about included parties


Döring, Holger and Philip Manow. 2019. Parliaments and governments database (ParlGov): Information on parties, elections and cabinets in modern democracies. Development version.


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Name Description Type
id ParlGov unique identifier for national and EP elections. Variable name 'id' in 'election' table and 'election_id' in all other tables. integer
type id 'info_id' of election type integer
country id ParlGov unique identifier for each country. Variable name 'id' in 'country' table and 'country_id' in all other tables. integer
date Date the election took place. If the election lasted for several days, we code the last date. date
first round election id election_id of first round election -- technically, two round elections are coded as two observations in table 'election'. this variable links the two rounds integer
early Early (snap) election before constitutionally mandated term end
Note: If there is no constitutionally mandated next election date (e.g. UK), an election that takes place 1 year earlier than the maximum feasible period is considered an early election.
coding of variable incomplete – do not use it for empirical analysis
wikipedia link to wikipedia entry or other url if no wikipedia entry exists url
seats total total number of seats integer
electorate number citizens eligible to vote integer
votes cast number of votes cast in an election -- including invalid and blank votes integer
votes valid number of valid votes for parties and candidates -- not including blank votes
Note: Based on the number of 'votes_cast' and 'electorate'. For electoral systems with multiple votes cast by each voter a 'data_json' entry 'valid_votes' records the sum of all valid (multiple) votes.
data source short list of data sources used to code this variable -- references, except urls, are entries in table 'info_data_source' text
description Information about this observation.
Note: This field should also include a short textual account of all information that is coded in the 'data_json' field.
comment additional information about the coding of this observation text
previous parliament election id 'election_id' of previous national parliament election in the country integer
previous ep election id 'election_id' of previous national EP election for this country integer
previous cabinet id 'cabinet_id' of incumbent government integer
old countryID Previous country ID used versions prior to ParlGov 10/11 -- three digit iso code integer
old parlID Previous election ID used versions prior to ParlGov 10/11 -- five digit number composed of the year the election took place and an ascending digit integer